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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Nr.1 - 2018

Nr.1 - 2018

01. MUSADDAQ AZEEM, AMAL BOUGHATTAS, HAFIZ FAISAL SIDDIQUE, ANTONIN HAVELKA, SAJID HUSSAIN Comfort properties of nano-filament polyester fabrics: sensory evaluation

02. HÜSEYIN GAZI TÜRKSOY, TUĞBA AKKAY A, DENIZ VURUŞKAN, SÜMEYYE ÜSTÜNTAĞ A comparative analysis of air-jet yarn properties with the properties of ring spun yarns

03. WANG YONG, YU WEID ONG, WANG FUMEI Effects of process variables on physical characteristics of tri-component elastic-conductive composite yarns (t-ECCYs) using a modified ring frame

04. LIHONG CHEN, HONG YU, XINFENG YAN Developing a modular apparel safety architecture for supply chain management: the apparel recycle perspective

05. SUNHILDE CUC, SIMONA TRIPA Redesign and upcycling – a solution for the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the clothing industry

06. LIVIU TUDOR Change in textile and clothing industry

07. HAKAN ÖZDEMIR, BERKAY CAMGÖZ The gamma radiation shielding effectiveness of textured steel yarn based fabrics

08. JAWAD NAEEM, ADNAN MAZARI, ENGIN AKCAGUN, ZDENEK KUS SiO 2 aerogels and its application in fire fighter protective clothing

09. ADRIANA-IOANA SUBTIRICA, ANDREEA ANA-MARIA CHIVU, CRISTINA ANTONELA BANCIU, LAURENTIU-CHRISTIAN DINCA Nanofibres made from biocompatible and biodegradable polymers, with potential application as medical textiles

10. YAN HONG, PASCAL BRUNIAUX, JUNJIE ZHANG, KAIXUAN LIU,MIN DONG, YAN CHEN Application of 3D-to-2D garment design for atypical morphology: a design case for physically disabled people with scoliosis

11. ZOUHAIER ROMDHANI, MOHAMED HAMDAOUI, AMAL CHEBIL, MUSTAPHA JENDOUBI Effect of paste properties as inkjet printing film and Mathematical Model to Follow the Kinetic of Wetting Phenomenon

12. DIANA LORETA PĂUN, CONSTANTIN SORIN PĂUN, LAURENȚIU ALEXANDRU CHIOTOROIU, EMILIA VISILEANU, SILVIA CHIOTOROIU Formalizing the conceptual-applicative framework of smart textile fibers in medicine