• Fees - Publishing Fee - 500 euro/paper.

  • Subscription Industria Textila journal
    Legal entities Individuals
    Romania Other countries Romania Other countries
    350 Lei 450 Euro100 Lei 200 Euro

  • Advertising - Advertising science events, conferences, meetings and projects.

    Advertising online - price per week 25 euro/100 lei

    Advertising in print
    COVER INNER SIDE 200 euro/800 lei 100 euro/400 lei
    JOURNAL PAGE 100 euro/400 lei 75 euro/300 lei
    1/2 PAGE - 50 euro/200 lei

  • HOW TO ADVERTISE YOUR EVENT? - You can sent us your event details (text and any logos or graphics) advert by email.WE will contact you to confirm your order and the cost before placing your ad.In order to discuss the details and best options, please contact our Editorial Office.

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