Industria Textila is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather – Bucharest, in print editions.

Aims and Scope: Industria Textila journal is addressed to university and research specialists, to companies active in the textiles and clothing sector and to the related sectors users of textile products with a technical purpose.

Submission of Manuscripts

Please read the guidelines below then visit the Journal’s submission site or the button Submit manuscript to upload your manuscript. Please note that manuscripts not conforming to these guidelines may be returned.

Copyright Transfer Agreement must be signed and returned to our Editorial Office by mail, as soon as possible, after the preliminary acceptance of the manuscript. By signing this agreement, the authors warrant that the entire work is original and unpublished, it is submitted only to this Journal and all the text, data, Figures and Tables included in this work are original and unpublished, and have not been previously published or submitted elsewhere in any form. Please note that the reviewing process begins as soon as we receive this document. In the case when the paper has already been presented at a conference, it can be published in our journal only if it has not been published in a generally available conference materials; in such case, it is necessary to give an appropriate statement placed in Editorial Notes at the end of the article.

Copyright transfer form – You can download the template here
Title page – You can download the template here
Article template – You can download the template here

Manuscripts submitted are check against plagiarism with Anti-plagiarims System. Manuscripts of the following types are accepted:

Research Papers – An original research document which reports results of major value to the Textile Community

Book Reviews – A brief critical and unbiased evaluation of the current book, normally invited by the Editor.

Manuscripts shall be submitted in English in single-spaced typing, A4 paper, Arial, margins 2 cm on all sides, under electronic version in Word for Windows format.

The volume of the submitted papers shall not exceed 8 pages (including the bibliography, abstract and key words), typescript pages including tables, figures and photographs.

All articles received are reviewed by minimum two reviewers, renowned scientist and considered expert in the subject the article concerns, which is appointed by the editorial board. After the article has been accepted, with the completions and the modifications required by the reviewers or by the editorial staff, it will be published.

The submission of the above-mentioned papers is by all means the proof that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere in the country or abroad.

There may also be published papers that have been presented at national or international scientific events, which have not been published in volume, including the specification related to the respective event.

The articles assessed as inappropriate by the reviewer or by the editorial staff, concerning the subject matter or level, shall not be published.

The manuscript shall be headed by a concise title, which should represent in an exact, definite and complete way the paper content. Authors should also supply a shortened version of the title, suitable for the running head, not exceeding 50 character spaces.

The manuscript shall also be headed by complete information about the author(s): titles, name and forename(s), the full name of their affiliation (university, institute, company), department, city and state, as well as the complete mailing address (street, number, postal code, city, country, e-mail, fax, telephone).

Tables and figures (diagrams, schemes, and photographs) shall be clear and color, where possible.

The photographs shall be sent in original format (their soft), or in JPEG or TIF format, having a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

All tables and figures shall have a title and shall be numbered with Arabic numerals, consecutively throughout the paper and referred by the number in the text.

Generally, symbols and abbreviations shall be used according to ISO 31: Specifications for quantities, units and symbols. SI units must be used, or at least given comprehensive explanations or their equivalent.

Cited references shall be listed at the end of the paper in order of quotation and contain: for a paper in a periodical – the initials and surname of the author(s), title of journal and of the article, year and number of issue, number of volume and page numbers; for a book – the initial and surname of the author(s), full name of the book, publisher, issue, place and year of publishing, and the pages cited; for patents – the initial and surname of the author(s), the title, the country, patent number and year. It is preferable not to use sites as references.

[1] Hong, Y., Bruniaux, P., Zhang, J., Liu, K., Dong, M., Chen, Y., Application of 3D-to-2D garment design for atypical morphology: a design case for physically disabled people with scoliosis, In: Industria Textila, 2018, 69, 1, 59–64,

Authors are requested to send an abstract of the paper, preferably no longer than 200 words and a list of 5-6 key words (preferably simple, not compound words, in alphabetical order). Avoid abbreviations, diagrams and direct reference to the text.

Further information
Any correspondence, queries or additional requests for information on the manuscript submission process should be sent to


Manuscripts that do not meet the requirements specified in the author instructions and editing template will not be accepted for publishing.

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